PSYCHO DOG by Janet Menzies

If you’re a seasoned dog owner, you’ll be fully aware that dealing with unwanted or destructive is part and parcel of owning a dog.

Tue 14 Mar 2017

By Judy

PSYCHO DOG by Janet Menzies

Is there such a thing as the perfectly behaved dog? It’s highly unlikely!

If you’re a seasoned dog owner, you’ll be fully aware that dealing with unwanted or destructive is part and parcel of owning a dog. Unwanted behaviour can display itself in various forms including barking, soiling and chewing. Many of these bad habits are not too serious but annoying and a nuisance. Nobody wants to own a dog that jumps up boisterously or ignores basic commands.

However, aggressive behaviour is something to be taken very seriously, as a dog out of control in a public place could now result in a heavy fines and a criminal record. A dog worrying sheep could result in the dog being shot, so ensuring your dog is well behaved as a responsible ownership is crucial.

It’s also true to say that certain breeds are prone to behaviours that can be traced right back to their roots. For example terriers were bred to hunt vermin and small mammals, often deep underground, so it makes sense they could be prone to digging up your prized geraniums in the garden. Dogs in the pastoral group who protected and herded sheep can be possessive around food and stand offish or even aggressive with other dogs. The athletic dogs in the hound group, bred to hunt prey by sight or smell over long distances are likely to chase cats and ignore recalls.

Ideally, training should begin as soon as you bring your new puppy or dog home. Regular training will help ensure that certain patterns of bad behaviour, such as dominance do not develop. Training should be a regular part of your dog’s daily routine, and should also be mixed in with socialisation sessions with people and other dogs.

Unfortunately, even a well trained and well balanced dog can pick up bad habits and resolving them can be challenging. Owners can seek the advice of a professional dog behaviourist of course, but this can often work out to be costly and doesn’t always suit the busy dog owner.

However, dog owners can draw a wealth of knowledge from the new book PSYCHO DOG by Janet Menzies. Janet looks at the many behavioural issues that can affect our dogs. Indeed, Janet has experienced many of the problems  during her lifetime of owning dogs herself.

What’s inside PSYCHO DOG?

It becomes obvious as soon as you delve into PSYCHO that this is more than a training manual. Janet encourages us to get to know our dogs better, and what better way to do that than by keeping a dog journal? Keeping a journal of the routine and behaviour of your dog can help identify and highlight potential behavioural problems. It makes perfect sense that our often busy and chaotic lifestyles can affect the behaviour of our pet too!

PSYCHO DOG deals with a wide range of problems that all dog owners are likely to face at some point. Jumping up, pulling on the lead, obsessive compulsive behaviour, chewing, barking, growling and aggression are just some of the behavioural issues the author addresses. The depth of detail on individual problems is impressive, with advice on jumping up alone spanning 10 pages of this book. Janet explores why problems occur, rather than just focusing on resolving the problem.

We did mention that PSYCHO DOG is more than a training and problem solving manual and here’s why. For a start, there’s a chance to find out exactly how intelligent your dog is by taking part in a fun training exercise. You can discover if the behaviour of your dog is normal, compulsive, obsessive or nuts on the Psycho-Spectrum, another fascinating feature of the book. There’s a test to discover if your dog is timid and even a psycho-assessment to complete. Many of these fascinating tests could easily be missed by dog owners who may simply read the section covering the issue they have with their pet. We do recommend reading PSYCHO DOG in its entirety to reap all the benefits of this thought-provoking book.

Will the advice of this book give you the perfectly behaved dog? Well we still don’t think any dog is truly perfect, but the tips, advice and information PSYCHO DOG offers, makes it much more likely!