Balinese Cats

The Balinese has bright blue almond-shaped eyes and a medium length, fine silky coat varying in shades of off-white depending on the colour of the 'points'. Points refer to the darker markings on the face, masks, ears, tails, legs and paws. Balinese are not thought to be as vocal as the Siamese. Balinese are intelligent and playful cats who can be trained to master tricks such as retrieving balls of paper.

Weight of the Balinese Cat

The ideal weight range for a Balinese cat is between 2.5-5kg (6-11lbs)

Lifespan of a Balinese Cat

A healthy Balinese should expect to enjoy a life expectancy of 12-15 years.

Litter size

A litter tends to produce on average 3-4 kittens.

Appearance and colour varieties of the Balinese Cat

The Balinese has a fine and silky coat that is off-white in colour with deeper colour markings on the points. The coat can grow up to two inches in length on the body, and up to five inches on the tail. Points are the darker markings on the body that occur on the face, ears, tail, legs and paws.

There are a wide range of points colours available in the UK including:

  • apricot
  • blue
  • caramel
  • chocolate
  • cinnamon
  • cream
  • lilac
  • red
  • seal
  • tabby
  • tortie

The Balinese has striking almond shaped electric blue eyes. The Balinese is very  similar in appearance to the Siamese, but tends to have slightly smaller ears than the Siamese. The Siamese can appear bigger in stature than the Balinese due to its longer, plusher coat.

General features of the Balinese

There are a couple of known health problems with this breed. Strabismus (squint) This may affect one or both eyes but should not affect vision. There is no known treatment.. Tail Kink -  This is the deviation of one of the tail bones, often up to 90 degrees. It is not acceptable in a show cat but does not bother the cat.

The breed is now referred to as a semi-longhair after starting off as a longhair cat. This is a result of using the Siamese in selective breeding programmes. The coat is silky and fine and lies close to the body. The coat is longer at the back than the front. The legs are long and slim. The face has the same mask as the Siamese but is less triangular. The tail is long and has a thick plume.

The Balinese is an attention seeking feline. It is friendly, loves company and makes an ideal family pet. It tends to be outspoken and loves being around people. This is not a cat that thrives on being left alone. The Balinese needs plenty of mental stimulation if not to become bored. This breed can happily  live indoors as long as plenty of space is available for exercise.