The Bombay is a self or solid black shorthaired cat with distinctive black pads and nose. The eyes tend to be gold, although they can be varying shades of yellow, and even green. This highly intelligent cat is famous for being vocal and has a remarkably loud voice for its size.

Weight of a Bombay cat

The ideal weight  for a Bombay cat is 2.5-4.5kgs or 5.5-10lbs.

Lifespan of a Bombay cat

A healthy Bombay cat should expect to enjoy a life expectancy of between 12-16 years.

Litter size

An average Bombay cat litter produces around 6 kittens.

Colour varieties of the Bombay Cat

The Bomaby is seen in just solid black. The coat is sleek and lays close to the body.

General features

The Bombay has a friendly, outgoing temperament with a high level of intelligence and is not a cat that likes to be left alone for long periods of time.

Country of origin


Price of a Bombay kitten

Expect to pay around £100 for a pedigree Bombay kitten. Litters are fairly uncommon.