Burmese Cats

The Burmese is a short-haired cat breed that originates from Asia. It is a solid, well-muscled cat with large eyes that are often golden or amber in colour. It's an intelligent cat, that can be taught to master tricks, such as retrieving balls.

Weight of a Burmese

The ideal weight for a Burmese is around 4kgs (9lbs)

Lifespan of a Burmese

A healthy Burmese can expect to live 15 or more years.

Litter size

There are normally around 5 kittens in an average litter.

Colour varieties of the Burmese Cat

Sable (brown), blue, champagne (chocolate), platinum (frost or lilac), red, cream and tortoiseshell.

History of the Burmese Cat

The Burmese has a controversial history. In 1930 a dark brown hybrid Siamese female was imported into the Unites Sates of America and was mated with another Siamese. They produced a litter of dark brown males which were then mated back to their mother to create the distinctive colour. This small gene pool caused many problems and one of the three main American show councils suspended recognition from 1947 to 1956.

General features

There are a few defects in the breed but luckily these are quite rare. There is the deformed skull which is an inherited characteristic and is often fatal. There is flat chestedness which compresses the heart and lungs and may lead to breathing problems and heart failure. A tail kink can also occur resulting in the cat holding its tail up to 90 degrees. This is not painful to the cat, but is a showing fault. Burmese are highly intelligent and enjoy playing. It is a good idea to handle your kitten as this breed is prone to being shy and nervous.