Cornish Rex Cats

The Cornish Rex is a striking looking cat, with a fine curly cat and large erect ears that sit high on the head. The Cornish Rex has long, lithe legs that give the appearance of the cat standing on tip-toes.

The Cornish Rex is an intelligent and lively cat that enjoys plenty of mental stimualation and attention to prevent boredom. The Cornish Rex does not shed its fur as much as the average cat breed, but remains unsuitable for cat allergy sufferers.

Weight of the Cornish Rex Cat

The ideal  weight range of a Cornish Rex is 2.5-4.5 kgs  (6-10lbs)


A healthy Cornish Rex should expect to live between 12-13 years.

Litter size

There are generally 3-6 kittens in a litter.

Colour varieties of the Cornish Rex Cat

Mink, pointed and sepia

General features

The Cornish Rex has a short, velvet wavy coat which sheds very little. However, this does not make it a suitable choice of breed for people with allergies to cats, as the aallergic reaction is caused by a glycol-protein that is found in the skin, saliva and urine rather than in the hair itself. To keep the coat in good condition, all that is required is an occasional rubdown with a cloth. The Cornish Rex is slight, athletic and has a curved back. The Cornish Rex has longer legs than the Devon Rex and is more curvaceous. They have small heads and rather large ears, giving them a quirky look.

They usually have outgoing personalities and are loving and affectionate. They are intelligent and easy to train. It is reported that Rexes wag their tails to express happiness! Inherited health problems are quite rare in this breed.