Egyptian Mau Cats

The name Mau literally means ‘Egyptian cat’ and images of this stunning spotted breed of cat can be seen in tomb paintings, on ancient Egyptian scrolls and in the pyramids. It is claimed they were the earliest domesticated cat.

Egyptian Maus are very similar to African wildcats and experts are sure Maus are direct descendants. The cats were used by the Egyptians to stop rodents destroying grain which formed the core of Egyptian civilisation. Spotted cats are still seen in the streets of Cairo today. Egyptian Maus were imported into the USA in the 1950s by a Russian princess and all Maus in the States descend from these cats.

Weight of an Egyptian Mau

The ideal weight range for an Egyptian Mau is 2.5-5 kg (5-11lbs)

Lifespan of an Egyptian Mau

A healthy Egyptian Mau should expect to enjoy a life expectancy of 14-15 years.

Litter size

An average litter tends to produce on average 4 kittens.

Colour varieties of the Egyptian Mau Cat

  • Silver with dark grey spots
  • Bronze with dark brown spots
  • Silver with black spots
  • Black with no visible spots

General features

The Mau is an ideal family pet. It is intelligent, affectionate and athletic. It does tend to be quite vocal, but his voice is quiet and melodic.

The Mau is a tremendous athlete. It can reach speeds of 36mph and it is claimed to be the fastest domesticated cat! It can jump up to 2 metres (6ft) in the air. It is a cat that needs plenty of exercise so is better suited to an outdoor life. With its striking spotted coat, the Mau has become a target for thieves. Ensure your cat is microchipped if let outside.