Japanese Bobtail Cats

The Japanese Bobtail is an ancient breed of cat that probably originated from Korea or China. The Japanese Bobtail is the national cat of Japan and is believed to bring good fortune, supposedly linked to it having a short tail. It is a rarely seen cat breed in the UK and it is not recognised by GCCF.

Weight, Lifespan and Litter size of the Japanese Bobtail Cat

Average weight 2.5-4.5kgs (6-10lbs)

Life span

A healthy Bobtail can expect to live on average betweeen 14-16 years.

Litter size


Colour varieties of the Japanese Bobtail Cat

All colours apart from agouti (Abyssinian) and pointed (Siamese).

About the Japanese Bobtail Cat

The most distinguishing feature of the Japanese Bobtail is its short tail. It usually measures 8-10cm (3-4ins) in length and is curled up to produce a bob. When the cat is alert the tail will straighten.

The Bobtail is slim but well muscled cat with a medium-short coat. Tricolour coats are very popular and called Mi-ke, meaning ‘three fur’. The head is pointed. The Bobtail has high cheekbones with big slanted eyes and a long nose. The distinctive face is often referred to as Japanese. Eyes may be blue or gold, or a cat may have one of each colour!

They are considered lucky in their native Japan.