Korat Cats

The Korat originates from Korat in Thailand where it is considered a good luck symbol and is the national cat of Thailand. It is a medium-sized cat with a distinctive slate blue coat, heart shaped face and vibrant green eyes.

Weight of a Korat

The ideal weight range for a Korat is between 2.5-4.5 kg (6-10lbs)


A healthy Korat should expect to enjoy a life expectancy of around 16 years

Korat Litter size

There tends to be 1-3 kittens in a litter.

Colour varieties of the Korat Cat

The Korat is only seen in blue.

History of the Korat Cat

Its Thai name, Si-Sawatï translates as good fortune. Although it is an ancient breed, the Korat was not exported from Thailand until the end of the 19th century. Today, it remains a rare breed, even in Thailand.

General features

The Korat is a beautiful cat with a silvery-blue coat and big green eyes. The head is heart shaped and the face has a gentle and soft expression.

The Korat is quite a demanding cat. It can form a very strong bond with its owner and literally follow them from room to room. The Korat is not happy being left for long periods and can become quite destructive if it has no company. They are playful, intelligent and easy to train.

Grooming is easy, just a polish with a chamois leather to bring out the shine of the coat is necessary.