Norwegian Forest Cats

The Norwegian Forest Cat looks similar to the Maine Coon which is believed to be partly descended from this tough Scandinavian breed. Also known as 'Wegies', these semi-long haired cats are considered the national cat of Norway.

Weight of the Norwegian Forest Cat

The ideal weight range for a Norwegian Forest cat is 3-9kg (7-20lbs)

Lifespan of a Norwegian Forest Cat

A healthy Norwegian Forest Cat should expect to live for around 12-14 years.

Litter size

A litter tends to produce 4-5 kittens

Colour varieties of the Norwegian Forest Cat

All colours except Siamese pattern.

General features

The Norwegian Forest cat is a big, strong cat and a breed that was developed to endure a cold harsh climate. The back legs are longer than the front legs, making it suited to climbing. The coat is thick and  double coated, and sheds in the summer.

The breed is very athletic and requires plenty of space for exercise. It is not suited to indoor living. Norwegian Forest cats are gentle and good with family. However, the breed can be stand offish with strangers. They are also very territorial with other cats and tend to become involved in brawls more often than other cats! They are also  reputed to be good at fishing.