The Ocicat is a stunning cat that bears a striking resemblance to a leopard and is indeed often referred to as the Leopard cat.

Weight of the Ocicat

The ideal weight range for an Ocicat is 3-7kg (7-15lbs)

Ocicat lifespan

A healthy Ocicat should expect to enjoy a life expectancy of  between 11-13 years.

Ocicat litter size

There are on average 4-5 kittens in a litter.

Colour varieties of the Ocicat

Blue, chocolate, fawn, cinnamon, lavender, in self and silver; self silver; tawny (brown spotted or usual).

Ocicat breed profile

The Ocicat is an athletic, well built, yet graceful breed of cat. The coat has a distinctive exotic appearance with spots covering the body.

The breed was developed in the US in the 1960s from Abyssinian and Siamese stock - and subsequently the introduction of American Shorthair blood. They were allegedly given their name by the original breeder’s daughter when she saw the first spotted kitten.

Ocicats can look menacing and ferocious, but are in fact gentle and outgoing. They make ideal family pets and are friendly towards humans, even strangers. Ocicats are intelligent and quick to learn. They can be taught to master simple tricks, and love to entertain. Ocicats have been known to excel at agility training and can even perform retrieving tricks. They thrive on human company and do not like to be left alone for long periods.