Oriental Shorthair Cats

The Oriental Shorthair is a similar cat to the Siamese, but with solid colours. They are very similar physically, and share the same wedged shaped head and slanted eyes.

Weight of the Oriental Shorthair Cat

The ideal weight of an Oriental Shorthair is 4-6kgs (9-12lbs)

Lifespan of the Oriental Shorthair

A healthy Oriental should expect to enjoy a life expectancy of between 16-18 years.

Litter size

Litter tends to produce around 6-8 kittens.

Colour varieties of the Oriental Shorthair Cat

The breed is seen in a large variety of colours including black, blue, brown, cinnamon, red, lilac, fawn, caramel, apricot and chocolate.

General Features

The Oriental is an active cat and enjoys being outside. It is a keen hunter. The breed is very affectionate and demands attention. It makes an ideal family pet and loves company. It is not a cat to be left all day. Consider getting a pair if you are going to be out for long periods. You may find your Oriental will follow you from room to room and wants to be centre of attention.

The Oriental is talkative though tends to be less vocal than the Siamese.