Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a sleek and graceful cat with a striking medium blue coat. The nose and paw pads are also blue. The ears are large, stand erect, and are set close together on the head. The vivid green eyes are almond-shaped, and set wide apart. However, early Russian Blues had either yellow or orange eyes up until 1933.

Weight of the Russian Blue

The ideal weight range for a Russian Blue is 3.5-5kgs (7-12lbs)

Lifespan of the Russian Blue

A healthy Russian Blue should expect to enjoy a life expectancy of approximately 14 years.

Approximate litter size

On average, litters tend to produce 4 kittens.

Colour varieties of the Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is seen in the following colours:

  • black
  • blue
  • white

History of the Russian Blue

The breed originates from an area close to the White Sea in north west Russia. It was introduced to Britain during the 19th century.

Breed profile

The original colour of the coat was blue and this is still preferred by purists. Black and white coats are now available. The breed tends to be timid and quiet. It is affectionate towards those it knows, but tends to be nervous of strangers. It is an undemanding cat and happy to live in a flat.

The plush coat requires minimal grooming, just an occasional buff with a chamois leather.