Scottish Fold Cats

The Scottish Fold originates from Scotland after being bred by a scottish farmer in 1961 It is a medium-sized cat that takes its name from its folded ears. Although originating in Scotland, these cats are now rarely seen in the UK, and the breed is no longer recognised by the GCCF due to concerns about genetic disabilities in the breed.

Weight of the Scottish Fold Cat

The ideal weight range for a Scottish Fold is 3-6kgs (7-13lbs)

Litter size

Litters tend to produceon average 3-4 kittens.

Lifespan of the Scottish Fold

A healthy Scottish Fold can expect to enjoy a life expectancy of between 14-15 years.

Colour varieties of the Scottish Fold Cat

All colours found except chocolate and lilac. All patterns except Siamese and Himalayan.

History of the Scottish Fold Cat

A Scottish farmer in 1961 noticed that one of his farm cats, Susie, had produced kittens with folded ears. The farmer and his wife began to experiment with breeding the Folds with a British Shorthair. The folded ear is due to a single dominant gene, and all Scottish Folds must have one parent with the gene. Therefore, all true Scottish Folds are Susie’s descendants.

General features

The Scottish Fold has a round face with an unique and charming owlish expression. The breed makes an ideal family pet. They are even-tempered and undemanding. They do need company, so should not be left alone for long periods. They are strong, hardy creatures and are prolific hunters. Their short, thick coats are weatherproof and designed for cold weather.

Because of the structure of the ear, there can be a lack of ventilation in the ear canal, which can increase the risk of ear mites. Frequent checking of the ears is therefore recommended.