Turkish Angora Cats

The Turkish Angora is one of the oldest breeds of cats in Europe.

Weight of the Turkish Angora Cat

Average weight 2.5-4kgs (5-9lbs)


A healthy Turkish Angora can expect to live 12 years or more.

Litter size

Litters tend to produce  4-5 kittens.

Colour varieties of the Turkish Angora Cat

Blue, black, red, cream, tortie, blue-cream and white self; smoke and shaded; tabby, silver tabby and bicolour

History of the Turkish Angora Cat breed

Originating in Ankara in Turkey, the Turkish Angora was introduced into France in the 16th century and England a while afterwards. It is reputed to be the source of the gene for long hair in domestic cats in Europe. The breed is elegant and graceful. They are intelligent and can learn simple tricks. They adore company and should not be left for long periods.

The Angora Cat’s coat

The coat is silky and glossy and lies over the back of the body. There are frills or feathers on the tail, neck, chin and knickers. The coat although long, is single rather than double. This makes it less likely to matt. The coat can take up to a year to develop. The coat moults during the summer to such an extent the cat takes on an appearance of a shorthair cat with a fluffy tail! The fur is not heavy enough to make into sweaters.

Turkish Angora Cat health

The breed is not prone to many health problems, although deafness can occur in blue-eyed and odd-eye white cats. This is genetic and cats affected should not be bred from.