The Bergamasco is a unique looking dog with a distinctive corded coat that falls to the floor. It forms part of the Pastoral group of dogs.

Bergamasco breed Group

The Bergamasco belongs to the pastoral group.

Size of the Bergamasco


Country of origin and uses through history

The Bergamasco was developed in Italy where it was used to protect sheep from predators such as wolves and bears, its thick corded coat providing protection from the harsh elements and predators.

Bergamasco temperament

The Bergamasco is friendly, lively and intelligent. It is naturally protective, and tends to form a strong bond with family members. It is normally tolerant of children, but should be supervised around youngsters. It is wary of strangers and unfamiliar dogs. Contact with cats and other smaller pets in not advisable.

The Bergamasco requires training and socialisation from an early age, and owners should ensure they establish themselves as pack leaders.

Colour varieties of the Bergamasco

The Bergamasco comes in a handful of colours that include:

  • Black
  • Fawn
  • Grey
  • Isabella

Size and weight of the Bergamasco

Height bitch around 56cms

Height dog around 60cms

Weight (kilos) bitch 26-32kgs

Weight (kilos) dog 32-36kgs

Exercise requirements of the Bergamasco

The Bergamasco requires at least an hour of vigorous exercise daily off the lead. The thick coat means the Bergamasco struggles in hot conditions.

Is the Bergamasco a good dog for a first time dog owner?

No, this dog is suited to an experienced and competent handler with good knowledge of the breed. It is not considered an easy dog to own.

Bergamasco coat length and grooming requirements

Long. The coat is thick and forms cords or felts that grow to the floor. The coat of the puppy is soft and fluffy, and the cords do not begin to develop until the Bergamasco is around a year old.

Surprisingly the coat is really quite low maintenance, and the cords pretty much look after themselves. Debris such as leaves and twigs should be picked off the coat. The Bergamasco should not be clipped or shaved. Cords or felts that become too wide can be gently teased apart to create thinner cords.

Ears should be checked and cleaned regularly.


No. The Bergamasco sheds throughout the year so an unsuitable choice of dog for allergy sufferers.

Health Issues in the Bergamasco

The Bergamasco is a fit and healthy dog with no known inherited health issues.

As with all pedigree dogs, it is very important to obtain a puppy from a reputable source where you can be guaranteed that it has been bred with a view to avoiding the inherent physical and psychological diseases of the breed.

Average lifespan of the Bergamasco

A healthy Bergamasco can expect to enjoy a life expectancy of between 13-15 years.

Approximate Bergamasco pedigree puppy price

No current information is available as litters of puppies are few and far between. Register your interest with established reputable breeders, so they can notify you when a litter is expected. Be aware that you may have to travel long distances to find your suitable puppy. There are generally 6-10 puppies in the average litter.

Estimating how much a Bergamasco would need to be fed each day

A bitch weighing 30kgs will require around 436gms of complete dry food daily. A dog weighing 35kgs will require around 402gms of complete dry food daily.

A bitch weighing 30kgs will cost around £8.90 per week to feed.

A dog weighing 35kgs will cost around £9.90 per week to feed.

Our figures are based on feeding an ‘above average quality’ and popular complete dry food bought from a leading supermarket.

Other financial costs to consider when owning any dog breed

Remember to budget for essential pet treatments and procedures that are not covered by pet insurance policies including:

  • Worming and fleas preparations
  • Annual Vaccination boosters
  • Neutering or spaying
  • Microchipping
  • Dental treatment