Braque D'Auvergne

The Braque D'Auvergne is a French hunt/point/retrieve dog that takes it name from the mountains of Cantal in France. It is a large, lean and athletic dog with a short black speckled coat and long pendulous ears. In france the Braque D'Auvergne is also known as the Bleu d'Auvergne. The Braque D'Auvergne has been around in the UK for a few years, although was only recognised by the Kennel Club in 2016. It is the latest breed to be welcomed into the gundog group.

Braque D'Auvergne breed group

The Braque D'Auvergne is the latest breed to have been recognised by the Kennel Club and falls in the gundog group.

Size of the Braque D'Auvergne

The Braque D'Auvergne is a large dog, with a lithe and athelic build. It is a deep chested dog with sleek long limbs.

Country of origin

The Braque D'Auvergne originates from the mountains of Cantal in central France.

Braque D'Auvergne temperament and overview

The Braque D'Auvergne is a true hunting dog. It is a calm, sweet natured and intelligent dog. It is affectionate and friendly
making it an ideal dog for the active family. It can be a little sensitive and reserved with strangers. The Braque D'Auvergne
is normally good with other dogs and may live happily alongside cats if socialised together from an early age. Remember,
this is a breed with a deep hunting instinct, so may chase cats and other small animals.

Colour varieties of the Braque D'Auvergne

The breed is seen in just white with black speckles. The head and ears are always black and the breed has a distinctive white blaze on the head.

Size and weight of the Braque D'Auvergne

Height: Bitch 52–61 cm
Height: Dog 56–65 cm

Weight: Bitch 22–28 kg
Weight: Dog 22–28 kg

Exercise requirements of the Braque D'Auvergne

The Braque D'Auvergne is an energetic and athletic requiring at least 2 hours of exercise every day. It is best suited to a rural lifestyle with an active owner who can give this majestic dog the exercise it requires.

Is the Braque D'Auvergne a good dog for the first time owner?

We recommend that only owners with previous experience of gundogs should choose the Braque D'Auverrgne. The sheer size and exercise requirements of the breed make it suitbale to the active owner with ample space. Also, the breed does have an excellent sense of smell, making good training essential to prevent straying.

Braque D'Auvergne coat length

The coat is short and shiny with no undercoat. The short coat is very low maintenance. Just a weekly brush down with a soft bristle brush will bring out a lovey shine to the coat. Ears should be checked on a regular basis.


No, the Braque D'Auvergne sheds throughout the year making it an unsuitable choice of dog for allergy sufferers.

Health issues in the Braque D'Auvergne

Having only been recognised by the Kennel Club this yar and the low numbers of dogs in the country it's difficut to highlight any inherited health issues that may affect the breed. However, the following conditions have been found in the Braque D'Auvergne:

  • Eye problems
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Joint problems

As with all pedigree dogs, it is very important to obtain a puppy from a reputable source where you can be guaranteed that it has been bred with a view to avoiding the inherent physical and psychological diseases of the breed.

Average lifespan of the Braque D'Auvergne

A healthy Braque should enjoy an expected lifespan of around 12-14 years, which is quite high for such a large dog.

Cost of a Braque D'Auvergne Puppy

Expect to pay from £850 for a Braque D'Auvergne pedigree puppy. Be aware that available puppies are few and far between, so do expect to be prepared to travel to find a suitable puppy.