The English Pointer is a large, graceful and lean well-muscled dog that forms part of the gundog group.

English Pointer breed group


Size of the English Pointer

Large. A lean, well-muscled and athletic dog.

Country of origin

Great Britain

Time of original development

The breed can be traced back to the 1600s. It is thought the English Pointer was developed from European Pointers (possibly Spanish) being mixed with Bloodhounds, Bull Terriers, Greyhounds, Irish Setters and Newfoundlands to create the dog we know and love today.

The English Pointer through history

The English Pointer was used on the shoot to locate the position of game birds and then pointing them out. Today they are still used on shoots but more likely to be kept as a companion pet.

English Pointer introduction and overview

The English Pointer is a large graceful well-muscled dog. It has a noble and dignified look with a squarish muzzle and short, hard coat.

There were 631 Pointer puppies registered with the Kennel Club in 2015.

English Pointer Temperament

The English Pointer is renowned for being a great family dog. It has a placid, gentle and affectionate temperament and loves children. It can live quite happily with other dogs, cats and if properly socialised other small pets.

The Pointer can be a little shy and reserved with unfamiliar dogs and may need to be encouraged to play. Pointers can be quite sensitive and often dislike shouting or loud noises. Harsh training methods should be avoided.

Colour varieties of the English Pointer

This striking dog comes in a variety of colours. The body is normally white with patches of colour, although solid colouring is also seen:

  • Black
  • Black and White
  • Lemon
  • Lemon and White
  • Liver
  • Liver and White
  • Orange
  • Orange and White

Size and weight of the English Pointer

Height bitch 61-66cms

Height dog 63-69cms

Weight (kilos) bitch 20-30kgs

Weight (kilos) dog 25-34kgs

Exercise requirements of the English Pointer

High. The Pointer needs at least 2 hours of exercise, preferably off the lead. Lack of exercise or mental stimulation can quickly result in unwanted and destructive behaviour including separation anxiety. Prospective English Pointer owners should give careful thought to the time commitment and exercise requirements of this sporty, athletic breed.

Is the English Pointer a good dog for a first time dog owner?

Yes. The breed is easy to train and a quick learner, but any new owner must be aware of the high levels of physical exercise this sporty breed requires.

English Pointer coat length


Grooming requirements of the English Pointer

Low. One of the good aspects of owning this breed is that the short , hard no-fuss coat requires virtually no grooming. A simple weekly brush over with a quality bristle brush will add a lovely lustre and shine to the coat.

Your Pointer should be towelled down after a walk in wet conditions or swimming, especially in colder weather.

Ears should be check on a regular basis for foreign bodies such as thorns, brambles and ticks.


No. Despite having a short the Pointer sheds throughout the year and not suitable for allergy sufferers.

Health issues in the English Pointer

The English Pointer  is generally a healthy breed  and has a lengthy expected lifespan. But all new owners should consult their breeder about the following known health issues:

  • Hip dysplasia - an inherited malformation of the hip joint, has been found in the breed but is very rare.
  • Skin problems - the short coat means the breed is prone to problems from fleas, ticks and injuries from thorns and brambles.

As with all pedigree dogs, it is very important to obtain a puppy from a source where you can be guaranteed that it has been bred with a view to avoiding the inherent physical and psychological diseases of the breed.

Average lifespan of the English Pointer

A healthy dog can expect to enjoy a lifespan of around 10-14 years.

Approximate English Pointer pedigree puppy price

Expect to pay around £550-750 for a puppy. There are normally between 5-7 puppies in an average litter.

Estimating how much a English Pointer would need to be fed each day

A bitch weighing 25kgs requires 329gms of complete dry food per day.

A dog weighing 30kgs requires 365gms of complete dry food per day.

Approximate weekly cost of feeding a Pointer bitch is £8.00

Approximate weekly cost of feeding a Pointer dog is £9.00

We have based our estimates on feeding an above average quality popular dog food bought from a high street supermarket.

Other necessary costs to consider when owning any dog

Remember to budget for other expenses that are not covered by pet insurance including:

  • Worming treatments
  • Flea treatments
  • Annual booster vaccinations
  • Dental treatment
  • Neutering or spaying
  • Microchipping

Many veterinary practices now offer monthly budget schemes allowing you to spread the cost of routine and preventative treatments throughout the year.