Smooth Collie

The Smooth Collie is the short haired variety of its popular cousin, the Rough Coated Collie. It also belongs to the pastoral group, but is sadly rarely seen and is currently on the kennel Club’s Vulnerable Native Breed list with just 89 dogs registered in the whole of 2016.

Smooth Collie breed group


Size of the Smooth Collie

Medium to large.

Size and weight of the Smooth Collie

Height bitch 51-56 cms (20-22 ins)
Height dog 56-61 cms (22-24 ins)

Weight bitch 18-25 kgs (40-55 lbs)
Weight dog 20.5-29.5 kgs (45-65 kgs)

Colour varieties of the Smooth Collie

The Smooth Collie is available in a handful of colours and markings including:

  • Blue Merle
  • Sable & White
  • Tricolour

Country of origin

Great Britain

Date of origin

The Smooth Collie was developed in the 1800s and was originally used for herding sheep.

Smooth Collie lifespan

A healthy Smooth Collie should expect to enjoy a life expectancy  of 12-13 years

Temperament of the Smooth Collie

The Smooth Collie is an intelligent, loyal dog. It really is a one-person dog. It can be aloof and reserved with strangers. The breed can be prone to snappiness, so not ideal as a family pet. The breed is not as popular as the Rough Collie, and is now very rare in the UK.


The Smooth Collie needs very little grooming. An ocassional buff with a chamois leather or a brush with a soft bristle brush will give the coat a good shine.

Exercise requirements of the Smooth Collie

The Smooth Collie will thrive on long daily walks of at least an hour daily. It is not suited to apartment living.

Approximate Smooth Collie pedigree puppy price

No current price for a smooth collie puppy is available as litters are difficult to find, with sadly just 89 pedigree puppies registered with the Kennel Club in 2016. There are generally anywhere between 2-8 puppies in an average litter.

Estimating how much a Smooth Collie would need to be fed each day and weekly cost

A bitch weighing 20kgs requires 283gms of complete dry food per day.

A dog weighing 25kgs requires 330gms of complete dry food per day.

The cost of feeding a 20kgs bitch is around £7.00 per week.

The cost of feeding a 25kgs dog is around £8.00 per week.

Our figures are based on feeding an ‘above average quality’ and popular complete dry food bought from a leading supermarket. A good quality feed is suggested for the energetic dogs in the pastoral group.

Other financial costs to consider when owning any dog breed

Remember to budget for essential pet treatments and procedures that are not covered by pet insurance policies including:

  • Worming and fleas preparations
  • Annual vaccination boosters
  • Neutering or spaying
  • Microchipping
  • Dental treatment