Koi Carp

A guide to caring and keeping Koi Carp

Country of origin

Koi Carp were developed in Japan from black carp introduced from China

Pond condition requirements for Koi Carp

Koi Carp can thrive even in very cold water, but will need a deep pond (at least 1.5 metres) in cold conditions to achieve their optimum body shape development. Ideally pond temperature should be between 3 - 25 oC (37-77of) and water should have a neutral PH (7). In the summer, rising water temperature can lead to loss of oxygen, so extra aeration should be provided and, if excessive evaporation occurs, water will need topping up and the fish need to be checked carefully for infectious diseases which are more common in the warmth. Koi Carp may require some shade over the pond as very pale fish can get sunburned.

Koi Carp behaviour

Koi Carp can dig quite effectively (using their barbels as feelers on the pond floor) looking for edible matter. This can be disruptive to pond plants, as can vigorous spawning actions. Artificial spawning mats and ropes can be provided for the fish as alternative spawning media.

Koi Carp behaviour with other fish

Koi Carp are quite sociable fish.

Koi Carp diet

Koi Carp will eat both plant and vegetable matter occurring in the pond. Special proprietary Koi foods are readily available