Single Tailed Goldfish

A guide to keeping and caring for your Single Tailed Golfish.

Country of origin


Common Names

Common Goldfish, Comets, Bristol & London Shubunkins

Aquarium conditions and pond requirements for Single Tailed Goldfish

A 600mm x 380mm x 380mm (24” x 15” x 15”) aquarium should be considered as the minimum. For large fish over 80mm, then a tank of at least 1500mm x 450mm x 450mm (60” x 18” x 18”) will be necessary.

Temperature: 0o/28oC 32o/82oF. In general, our UK ambient temperatures are considered to be satisfactory for Single Tailed Goldfish

Water parameters: Single Tailed Goldfish are not fussy when it comes to water as long as it is low in nitrate and devoid of chlorine; one should avoid changing more than a third of their water at any one time unless absolutely necessary.

Single Tailed Goldfish in ponds

Oxygen deficiency at higher summer temperatures will cause problems, plant oxygenating plants to tackle this. All commercial Single Tailed Goldfish are suitable for stocking garden ponds. To over-winter, the pond must have an area 900mm deep and be cleared of rotting leaves in the late Autumn.

Single Tailed Goldfish behaviour with other fish

Single Tailed Goldfish will grow to 350mm but rarely so, as most are kept in aquariums or garden ponds. They are quite compatible with any other fish of a similar size.

Single Tailed Goldfish diet

Omnivorous, these fish will basically consume anything. Many commercial fish foods are available. It is important to vary the diet and feed a live food at least twice a week if possible.

Single Tailed Goldfish health

Not particularly prone to health problems. Accidental damage due to knocking into rock-work and, even vigorous spawning activity, may cause fungus problems. Single Tailed Goldfish will spawn spontaneously in an outside pond when water temperatures rise in the Spring. Before you buy check that the fish appears healthy and alert; avoid listless fish with folded fins.

The Pet Owners Association are grateful to the Federation of British Aquatic Societies for the above information and image.