Danios are small fish that are suited to the community tank. They are active, energetic schooling fish and are ideal for the novice fish keeper as they can tolerate a range of water conditions.

Geographical origin

Danios are found in the waters of South East Asia, India and South China

Aquarium condition requirements for your Danios

Minimum aquarium size - The small Danios and White Cloud Mountain Minnows can be kept in a 450mm x 250mm x 250mm (18” x 10” x 10”) aquarium. An aquarium of 600 x 380 x 300mm (24” x 15” x 12”) is suitable for the larger species such as the Giant Danio and Danio Dangila. An even larger tank will be more beneficial. Aquariums should have well-fitting hoods and cover glasses. Danios can jump extremely well!

Temperature - while the ideal temperature is around 18oC/65oF, Danios are quite happy at lower temperatures.

Water parameters - Tolerant to soft and hard water. Water change of approximately 25% each week is beneficial if not essential.

Habitat - likes a well planted community tank, with a gravel substrate and water movement – particularly from the outlet of an internal filter. Plants:all species of tropical plants are acceptable. They are not plant eaters.

Danios’ behaviour with other fish

Danios are generally active fish that are best kept in a shoal of at least six fish. They are not aggressive towards one another or to other tank-mates. Danios are a good fish for beginners.

Danios’ diet

Danios are omnivorous so will accept dried, frozen and all types of live food (e.g. Daphnia, mosquito larvae). Do not overfeed your fish. Many problems can be caused by overfeeding (pollution of water by decaying food).

Danios’ health

Danios are generally not over susceptible to White Spot or fungus. As with all new fish, quarantine for at least one week in a separate tank. When buying Danios only select fish that are alert and swimming with fins erect. Inspect carefully for signs of disease. Reject lethargic, damaged or hollow bellied specimens.

Zebra Danio (Danio rerio)

zebra danio

The Zebra Danio is a popular fish for fish keepers. It is a peaceful fish and easy to look after. The Zebra Danio can be silver or gold in colour with 5 blue/purple stripes that run horizontally from the gill area to the tip of the tail. It is an active fish that thrives in schools. The Zebra Danio requires plenty of room in the aquarium for swimming. It also appreciates a well-planted tank. The Zebra Danio is an omnivore and should be fed good quality flaked food or frozen foods.