A basic guide to keeping Tetras.

Common names

•    Cardinal Tetra
•    Neon Tetra
•    Lemon Tetra

Geographical origin

South America
Aquarium condition requirements for your Tetras
Minimum aquarium size - 600mm x 300mm x 300mm (24” x 12” x 12”). Tetras are small fish, that grow to less than 50mm (2 inches) so they can be safely kept in the smaller aquarium. However, larger aquariums are always preferable.

Temperature - Tetras generally prefer between 24o28oC 75o/82oF though they will be quite happy at lower temperatures. Water movement provided by a power filter is ideal.

Water parameters - Tetras come from areas where the water is soft and acid and will always do best under these conditions. Most however will readily adapt to hard alkaline water, although not if you wish to breed them. Water should be clean and clear. Fish will benefit from a 25% water change weekly.

Habitat - Tetras really show their best colours in a well planted aquarium, especially furnished with bogwood and a dark substrate. These fish are not plant eaters, so all species of tropical plant are acceptable in the aquarium.

Tetras’ behaviour with other fish

Tetras are generally happy with one another. One exception is possibly the Brass or Yellow Tetra – Hyphessobrycon bifasciatus. This fish can be a ‘fin nipper’.

Tetras’ diet

Will readily accept all forms of dried, frozen and live foods.

Tetras’ health

Tetras are not generally noted for having health problems, but only select fish that are alert and swimming with fins erect. Inspect fish closely for signs of disease, and reject lethargic, damaged or hollow-bellied specimens.

habitat - freshwater tropical aquarium

sociability - good except for the Brass or Yellow Tetra

care - easy

The Pet Owners Association are grateful to the Federation of British Aquatic Societies for the above information and image.