Petphysio at Oak Tree Vet Centre

petphysio.co.uk is run as a sister business to Oak Tree Vet Centre, both owned by Alistair Marks MRCVS and your therapists will be drawn from the veterinary nurse team, you already may know. Within a purpose designed, air conditioned, hygienic room with a non slip floor, we have a heated 12 foot pool with internal and external ramps and air and water jets. Prior to swimming each dog can be rinsed of surface dust and hairs in the wash station and where necessary the overhead hoist is available to lift them into the pool. Afterwards we have a top quality heated drier to dry them, before going home. Beyond the sliding door is our water treadmill, which provides for controlled and if appropriate strenuous exercise against the resistance of water. Please email us if you would like us to contact you to discuss whether our service might benefit your dog. Coming for hydrotherapy sessions Oak Tree Veterinary Centre Clients: If you are already an Oak Tree client then simply ring us on (0131) 539 7539. The veterinary surgeon who normally attends to your pet will consult the notes and we'll arrange either the first session or to see you to discuss the therapy further depending upon how long ago you last attended. If your pet in insured, you may well find the cost of hydrotherapy is claimable subject to veterinary referral. Please consult your policy documents to check. Clients of other veterinary practices Most, but not all, veterinary surgeons are familiar with hydrotherapy and the potential benefits it offers in recovery and rehabilitation and how it might augment the care he or she is already providing for you. Please ask your vet about referral for hydrotherapy for your pet. He or she is most welcome to telephone us for further information or for the opportunity (if they have not already done so) to view, personally, our facility and discuss your case face to face. Referral to us means your own vet remains in charge of the case and we simply provide the hydrotherapy at his or her request. In order that we have the relevant information to commence hydrotherapy we ask for a signed veterinary consent.