Waggy Tails Groomers

Waggy Tails is a mobile hairdressers for pets! The Cardiff grooming service caters for the bathing and clipping needs of small to medium sized dogs in the comfort of their own home in the local area. It is a particularly convenient service for older clients and for those who do not drive. For their working clients, having the opportunity to have their dog groomed in the evening or at the weekend is more convenient than just during the standard office hours where they would need to take time off to make appointments. For puppies, nervous or older dogs being groomed in their own home makes them feel more safe and comfortable than in the strange environment of a grooming parlour. Dogs are brushed, bathed and if required clipped in the comfort of their own home. Waggy Tails bring their towels and equipment with them. They need you to provide a space for them to set up their table close to a power socket and for them to be able to use your sink/shower/bath to bathe your dog.