Battersea at Old Windsor is part of the world famous Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. We are one of the UK's most loved animal welfare charities and since 1860 we have been caring for those animals that so desperately deserve a second chance in life. Each year we look after thousands of dogs & cats and since we started we've seen over 3 million come through our gates. We aim never to turn a dog or cat away and haven't once shut our doors in 150 years. We currently have over 550 dogs and 200 cats in our care so please, if you or anyone you know is thinking of getting a pet, come to us first. If you are unable to take on the serious commitment of owning an animal then there are hundreds of ways you can become part of Battersea. Just visit our website at www.battersea.org.uk to find out more about the wonderful opportunities to get involved.