Crossing Cottage Greyhound Sanctuary

Located at Sutton on Trent, just North of Newark and close to the A1, the Sanctuary - recognised by Retired Greyhound Trust Director Ivor Stocker as one of the four best RGT kennels in the country - consists of modern, purpose-built kennels capable of providing a comfortable, temporary home for up to 30 retired greyhounds at any one time. John and Judith have been involved with the Retired Greyhound Trust since 2000 and are approved to run the sanctuary and re-home retired greyhounds in the Nottinghamshire/East Midlands area. Since the kennels opened a total of over 725 dogs have been re-homed by John and Judith with last year (2009) being the best to date with a total of 152 greyhounds finding new homes. The great thing about the kennels is that they provide an opportunity for would-be 'homers' to meet the dogs at first hand. Visitors are always welcome, but we ask that you call us first to arrange a time because it can get very busy at the kennels. "Retired greyhounds have only ever known life in the racing kennel and the race track until they come to us," said John. "Would-be homers should therefore be aware that they have never been in a house before, they will not have been taught the basic commands, and the only dogs they will be familiar with are other greyhounds."They are, however, very intelligent and extremely adaptable dogs and settle in very quickly when they realise they have found a loving home for life. "If you think you could give a retired greyhound a loving home, please contact us for a chat.