10 Ways to Save Money on Caring For Your Pets

Owning a pet is not cheap these days.

Thu 08 Dec 2016

By Judy

10 Ways to Save Money on Caring For Your Pets

10 Ways to Save Money on Caring For Your Pets

Owning a pet is not cheap these days. So, here’s a few tips that could help you save you money on pet food, vet bills and routine pet preventative treatments.

Insure your pet, but do shop around

Pet insurance is one of the biggest expenses for pet owners. It can be tempting not to insure your pet, but it’s likely to save you money in the long run. Veterinary fees have risen dramatically over the last few years, and even minor operations and courses of treatment can run into hundreds of pounds.
However, do shop around for the best quote when you come to renew your annual policy, although be careful if your pet has previous illnesses or conditions that may not be covered if you decide to switch insurers.

Choose your vet carefully

Don’t be afraid to ask your vet the cost of consultations and boosters. Prices can vary enormously from practise to practise, and remember your annual check-up and vaccinations are not covered by pet insurance.

Look after your pet

This may sound obvious, but many pet owners put off having annual boosters, and often don’t keep flea and treatments up to date. You could find yourself paying for the full vaccination course, rather than a booster if you fail to keep boosters up to date. It could also affect any insurance claim. Fleas tend to be a problem all year round these days, and sprays and treatments are very expensive.

Free vet health checks

Take advantage of free vet health checks that are offered. These can include free micro chipping sessions, weigh-ins and dental checks at vets and pet shops and charities and rescue centres.

Browse charity shops for bedding and accessories

Charity shops can save you hundreds of pounds on expensive essentials such as dog beds and crates, leads, collars and bowls. Ebay is also a good place to hunt down bargains. And really does your pet worry about not having the latest designer collar?

Buy pet food in bulk

If you can afford to, buy pet food in bulk. Shopping online can save you pounds on a standard bag of food and is even delivered to your door, saving you time and money.

Subscribe to newsletters from pet companies

Many companies send out newsletters that promoting special deals they are running. If you don’t subscribe to them, you will probably miss the bargains they are promoting. Our Special Offers sections features many current promotions that companies are offering.

Groom your own pet

A trip to the groomers can be very expensive, so consider learning to do it yourself. There are many short courses, covering most breeds throughout the country. If you don’t want to groom your pet, make sure he is kept tangle free and in condition to avoid extra charges at the groomers.

Buy worming and flea products for your pet online

You could save 30% or more on your regular flea, tick and worming products by buying online. The good news is that most popular products do not require a prescription.

Get your next pet from a rescue centre

Pedigree pets can cost hundreds of pounds. Rescue centres normally have a wide range of breeds, of all different ages, that are looking for a new home. The pets are normally neutured, micro chipped and fully vaccinated, so could save you a lot of money.

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