How to add your Business to our Services Directory

As a member of the Pet Owners Association you can promote your pet-related business for free in our exciting new Services Directory.

Thu 21 Jun 2018

By Unknown

How to add your Business  to our Services Directory

As a member of the Pet Owners Association you can promote your pet-related business for free in our exciting new Services Directory.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to help find your way around!

Step One - Join up and activate your membership

You have the option to Sign Up as a Business or an Individual and once you have registered our website, you will receive a welcome email introducing your member benefits.  The content of the email will be different for Businesses and Individuals so please follow the relevant links within the welcome email to take you to the Pet Owners Association website and log in with the details you registered with.


Step Two - Members Area

Now you are logged in to the POA site, go to the 'Member Area' button in the top menu bar and select the 'Login / Sign Up' option from the drop-down menu.  Once logged in, Businesses will see 'My Page' in the Member Area.  Selecting this will take you to your own personal page where you can start to add your detail about your business.

Step Three - My Account

You will now see the ‘My Account’ page.

You will notice your First Name, Surname, Email and Password are filled in.Don't worry, these details are only visible to you and nobody else, and do not appear in your listing or anywhere on our website.

  1. Firstly, enter the name of your business.
  2. Next, select the category you wish your business to appear in from the drop-down box.
  3. Enter the address of your business. Please note that customers will find you from the postcode/town you enter, so make sure your details are correct!
  4. Enter your telephone number
  5. Un-check the mailing list box if you do not want to receive our monthly newsletter.

Select ‘Update’ to confirm your details.

Step Four - Add a description of your business

Now, select the 'My Page' option on the top left side of the menu bar. The 'My Page' area is where you will add a description and other important details about your business.

You can enter a description of what you do in the text box editor. You can be as creative as you like, adding as little or as much as you want about your business. You can add images, play around with different fonts, and add tables and bulleted lists. There’s even a built in spell checker!

Add your Logo and a Featured Image

Below the text box editor is the area where you can add your company logo and a featured image of your choice. Simply click the grey ‘Browse’ button in the logo area and select an image from your PC. The optimum size for your logo image: is 350px (max file size = 1.5 Mb)

Repeat the same procedure for your featured image. The optimum size for your featured image is 730px  (max file size = 3 Mb)

Both your logo and featured image will appear in your listing. The featured image is bigger than your logo and is visible on the left hand side of your listing.

Now you can add your business telephone number, website address and email address.

Advanced optional features include links to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram pages and Youtube channel.

Remember, you can edit your listing at any time, but please be aware that any edits you make need to be approved by our admin team after updating. We do endeavour to approve any changes quickly, but please do allow 24 hours for your updated listing to appear on the website at peak times.


Q. I have not received the welcome activation email
A. You should receive your welcome activation email within a few minutes. If you don't receive your activation email, check your SPAM or Junk folders.

Q. My business offers several different services, so can I add my business in more than one category?
A. At the moment you can feature in one category in our Services Directory. However, we plan to introduce the option to appear in multiple categories later on this year. Remember – You can include details of all the services you offer in your description.

Q. My pet related business does not fit into any of the categories in the directory, what should I do?
A. If you don’t see the category your business falls into, simply email us at and we will be happy to set up a new category for you.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need help with anything at