Is your Dog Bored with the same old Dog Walks?

Dogs are creatures of habit, but like us humans, doing the same thing every day can be boring.

Mon 26 Feb 2018

By Judy

Is your Dog Bored with the same old Dog Walks?

Is your Dog Bored with the same old Dog Walks?

Dogs are creatures of habit, but like us humans, doing the same thing every day can be boring. So, why not spice up your dog walks and try something new with your four-legged friend? Here’s 10 great ideas for making ‘walkies’ more interesting, and some exciting new activities to explore with your dog.

Frisbee Fun

dog with frisbee

1. Most dogs enjoy chasing and retrieving toys, and it’s fantastic exercise for them too! Frisbees are cheap, travel a long way and are safe for dogs, with no risk of choking or injuries. It's a great work-out for dogs as they are inclined to run as well as jump making it a high-intensity form of exercise.

Meet up with other Dogs and Dog Owners for a group walk

2. Do you and your dog walk alone every day? Then why not organise a group dog walk once a week with family or friends? Your dog will love socialising with new canine friends and will certainly be more active and energetic in a group.

Take part in a Fun Dog Show

3. Your dog doesn’t need to be a pure pedigree to take part in Fun Dog Shows. Fun Dog Shows take place all over the country, and feature classes such as ‘Dog with the Waggiest Tail’ and ‘Most handsome Veteran’. So, why not take part and discover the true champion in your dog?

Explore new routes and make new friends with a Rambling Group

4. Have you ever considered joining a rambling group? Many walking groups allow well behaved dogs on leads, and meet every week. It’s a great way of discovering new walks safely, and is fun and sociable for both of you.

Take the plunge

5. Many dogs love to swim, and it’s fantastic all round exercise for your dog. So, if you’re lucky enough to live by the sea, why not find a safe dog friendly beach and enjoy  a paddle with your pooch? Be sure to check tides and currents, and always keep your dog in sight.

Get into Doggy Jogging

6. Dogs love to run, so why not join them? If you’ve not jogged since your school days, then start slowly! Incorporate a minute of slow jogging every few minutes during your normal walk, and gently build up to 10 x 1 minute jogs with 5 minutes of walking after each jog interval. Make sure you wear good protective shoes to prevent injury.

Get on your Bike!

dog running with man on bike 

7. If you’ve got a very athletic dog, it can be hard work wearing him out. So, dust off the bike, pump up the tyres and get cycling with your dog. It’s best to stay off-road, and there are now many cycle paths around the country to explore. Canal tow paths are flat, safe and fun! Please note, you are not allowed on public footpaths on a bike and do remember to clean up after your pooch!

Take up Agility

8. You’ve probably seen and admired the talented dogs and their owners romping around agility courses on television at Crufts. Well, these dogs also started as beginners, and so can yours! You’ll both make new friends and get a lot fitter, and maybe you’ll both also appear on television as well!

Anyone for Flyball?

9. Flyball is a great team activity that involves clearing a series of jumps and returning with the ball to hand over to the next doggy team member! It’s super fast and super fun! And although Border Collies excel at the sport, it’s open to virtually any breed of dog.

Forget watching Strictly, and get Doggy Dancing!

10. If you fancy getting down and showing off some fancy foot work with your dog, then get doggy dancing! Doggy Dancing, also known as heelwork to music is one of the most popular and fastest growing activities to enjoy with your dog right now, and will enhance your fitness and coordination. And yes, your dog really does has two left feet!

Have you discovered a great activity to enjoy with your dog that we’ve missed? Or why not send us a picture of you and your dog participating in an unusual sport!

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