Why Dogs make better Pets than Cats

Are you a dog lover?

Mon 20 Mar 2017

By Judy

Why Dogs make better Pets than Cats

Are you a dog lover? Or are you simply crazy about cats? We think they’re both great, but just what pet is better to own, a dog or a cat? It’s a fiercely debated topic among pet owners, with many owners having strong opinions.

Here are 10 reasons why dogs make better pets than cats.

  1. Dogs do not kill song birds in our gardens - Cats are natural and efficient predators and pose a real danger to our native birds as they visit our gardens for food and to nest.
  2. Dogs do not annoy your neighbours by using their exposed soil/sandpits as a lavatory - Cats may bury their mess, but that is not great for the unsuspecting gardener or a toddler playing in the garden. Dogs have their owners to clean up after them, and wouldn’t dream of soiling in a neighbour’s garden.
  3. Dogs can be taken with you more easily when you go away on holiday or just out for the day - Dogs really are part of the family, and because they can be trained, can share many family activities, like holidays, days out, trips in the car etc.
  4. Dogs are more obedient - A cat will always do what it likes which can be frustrating (have you ever tried to catch one when it knows you are going to put it in its travelling basket??). Unless you bribe it with food or physically overpower it, few cats can be bid to do anything.
  5. Dogs never lose their fun side - While kittens are great fun and playful, cats can grow up to take themselves rather seriously and be rather humourless.
  6. Dogs are better for your health and fitness - Dogs get you out for a walk at least once a day and meeting other dog walkers on a regular basis can be a great way to make friends. You and the family can enjoy time in the park or on the beach playing games with your dog and at the same time get good exercise yourselves.
  7. Dogs interact on a deeper level with their human companions - Cats may share their space companionably with you, but you really mean something to a dog - beyond being a walking can opener or warm lap to sleep on. Cats are loners and dogs are pack animals, this is the crucial difference, it is not because dogs are ‘nicer’.
  8. Cats will quietly and stealthily have the free run of your house - This can be very annoying for you (cat hairs in your wardrobe, in the baby’s cot or on or your bedding) and risky for them (they put themselves in danger getting shut in places - airing cupboards for example).
  9. You know where your dog is at night - You know that your dog is safe and asleep in his basket every night, but this is not the case for many cats. In fact you always know where your dog is. Cat owners constantly fret when their cat disappears worrying they may be trapped or involved in an accident..
  10. People are twice as likely to be allergic to cats than dogs - This is owing to the miniscule size of the proteins in a cat’s skin which, being tinier than those found on a dog, are more like to float in the air and be ingested into our lungs. These proteins are also sticky, so they attach to our bodies, clothing and furnishings and linger there for months.