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Our exciting new POA Pet Price Checker is much more than a comparison tool. The POA Pet Price Checker allows you to find the most suitable food for your four-legged friend. Maybe your dog has an allergy, joint problems or simply needs to lose a few pounds. We can introduce you to many new brands that will bring health benefits for your dog, at the most competitive price.

If your dog is getting bored with the same old dog food every day, or is just about to become a senior, we can offer you suggestions on a range of suitable alternatives.

We can offer foods for fussy eaters, foods without GM ingredients and even recipes suitable for vegetarian dogs!

If you're on a budget, our price checker will help ensure you get the best quality brands to suit your pocket.

If you own a working dog or active dog that loves to take part in agility or fly ball, you'll want to know your dog is getting all the right nutrients in his diet. Our POA Pet Price Checker will guide you towards the best recipes for dogs with a busy lifestyle.

The fact is that there are over 70 different brands of dog food alone on the market. Many of these are not readily available in the supermarket, yet many of these more obscure brands boast quality ingredients and added supplements which can significantly improve the health and well being of your best friend. So, why not take a minute, and tell us a bit about your dog and we'll show you that nutrition doesn't need to be boring!Your dog will love you even more for it!

If you tend to stick to a particular brand you know your dog loves, we can help you find it at the lowest price. In fact, we can even let you know when your favourite dog food is on special offer with one of our trusted affiliates.