Company of Animals Marrow Bone

Most dog owners offer chews and bones to their dogs.

Mon 19 Dec 2016

By Judy

Company of Animals Marrow Bone

Most dog owners offer chews and bones to their dogs. Chewy treats are not only a great way of providing mental stimulation for our dogs, but also provide a good way of keeping gums and teeth healthy. It’s estimated that up to 80% of dogs show signs of dental and gum disease by the age of 3 years. It’s a shocking statistic, and can cost a dog owner dearly, as dental treatment is not covered by standard pet insurance. Dental disease is in fact a whole body disease that can affect the heart, kidneys and other areas of the body. Dental disease is also the major cause of bad breath in dogs too!

The variety of treats on the market for dogs is huge, and choosing a healthy product can be difficult, with so many products containing additives and artificial colours.  The Marrow Bone is actually made of nylon. As your dog chews the bone, ridges are formed which act like the bristles on a toothbrush which help to break down tartar. The inside of the bone is filled with a tasty jerky filling.

The bone shaped chew provides an excellent workout for the teeth and gums and equally importantly it lasts a long time. Our tester was Bramble, a 10 year old Labrador with a healthy appetite and known to devour treats quickly!  The bone is still going strong after a week. It’s not the cheapest product on the market but its excellent durability makes it great value for money. There’s a bone to suit all sizes of dog, and the practical shape reduces the risk of accidental choking, although dogs should always be supervised when offering treats and chews.
This is an ideal product for dogs who enjoy their treats, without being laden down with lots of calories, so perfect for dogs who are watching their weight.

The Marrow Bone is available from GJW Titmuss and is available in small, medium, large, extra large and xx large. Prices start from £2.99.