Introducing the Pet First Aid Kit from

The Pet First Aid Kit from Firstaid4sport.

Mon 19 Dec 2016

By Judy

Introducing the Pet First Aid Kit from

The Pet First Aid Kit from is an essential must-have for every responsible pet owner.

About the Pet First Aid Kit

The Pet First Aid Kits are made from a tough, yet attractive rip-stop fabric.The handy sized grab bag is full of practical design features such as zipped and elasticated netting compartments on both sides, soft grip plastic handle, double zip outer fastening and a popper fastening belt loop on the back.

This First Aid Kit for Pets offers peace of mind. If your pet suffers a cut, bruise, or strain, you are fully prepared to treat them and get them to safety.

What's included?

•    Bag Size: 12cm x 8cm x 6cm
•    2 x 20ml Pods of Saline - to wash away dirt and debris from your pet’s eyes and other areas, simply wipe away and excess fluid.
•    1 x Medium Dressing with Ties - to cover any injury, these have tie bandages attached, but do not fasten tightly. Use the Microporous tape if additional retention is required.
•    1 x Large Dressing with Ties - to cover any larger injuries.
•    1 x Foil Blanket - to retain body warmth and help combat shock, use this to wrap your pet in on the journey to the vets.
•    5 x Gauze Swabs - pour a saline pod over to make a wet wipe or use for cleaning up fluid or saline.
•    1 x Microporous Tape - roll of paper tape for holding dressings or bandages in place
•    1 x Conforming Bandage - use around a limb if a sprain is suspected or apply over a dressing for security, hold in place with a strip of Microporous Tape.
•    2 x Pairs of Vinyl Gloves - keep yourself clean and don’t cross contaminate yourself or your pet.
•    2 x Plastic Pouches - to cover foot injuries and help keep them clean, fasten with microporous tape.
•    4 x Alcohol Free Cleansing Wipes - to clean wounds prior to applying the dressing.
•    1 x Scissors and 1 x Tweezers.
The Pet First Aid Kit retails at £13.26

POA are impressed with the First Aid Kit. It is compact, well made and packed full of essential items. The kit can be stored in the car, but small enough to take on the dog walk.

There is ample space to add other essentials such as pet medication. The kit is excellent value for money and a vital piece of equipment for every responsible pet owner.

Your Opinion

The Pet First Aid Kit was tested by POA regular Roxanne De Vliet and her pet Chihuahua Nico. Roxanne said: "The Pet First Aid kit is what every pet owner needs in case of an emergency. It is a nice small size and has a useful handle, and a clip to attach it to your belt.
The inside is very compact and you can also fit in other equipment if you wish. There are also two links on either side of the handle so you could easily attach your keys, poo bag holder or water bottle. I feel along with the tweezers there should be a tick remover included, as like all dog walkers in fields etc you will probably come across a tick."